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Why You Choose Us For SEO

Ebulk Marketing has over 11 years of experience in digital marketing that ensures expert services delivered to you for increased sales and revenue for your business growth.

Our clients are valuable to us and we make sure that you never feel lost about their project with us. That is why we provide a dedicated support executive who can guide you through every step of your journey with us.

We believe in getting higher results and so we work beyond just delivering you SEO services, we analyze the results obtained from our campaign for your brand and improvise it to get better results.

  • 11
    Years Experience
  • 200 +
    Projects Done
  • 200 +
    Expert Members
Let our in-house SEO experts help your website rank higher to increase your search visibility
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    Understand Your Business

    We understand what your business is about to know what your industry keywords are and what others can your audience search for to find you.

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    Analyze Your Website

    In terms of its accessibility, user-friendliness, and its content to find out if there are any gaps to fill for more visibility.

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    Competitor Analysis

    We do smart competitor analysis to see what your competitors are up to, what their website is lacking that we can leverage for higher ranking.

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    Create Audience Persona

    Based on your business, we will create a buyer’s persona to define the customers that we will target with the SEO practices.

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    Decide Your Audience

    To target your website and its content to that particular target audience so that we get high-quality leads and reduce the curious leads that aren’t interested.

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    Make SEO Strategy

    That improves your page ranking and increases website traffic to give you higher lead generation conversion rates.

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    Strategy Implementation

    We take great care of details while implementing the SEO strategy created so that you get the desired results on Google Search Engine Result Page.

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Advantages of SEO

  • Higher Website Traffic

    SEO practices help you rank higher in the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) so that more people that search for your targeted keywords will be able to find your website faster.

  • Increased Lead Generation

    SEO practices in your website content and blog help you convert your prospective customers which creates and improves your brand-customer relationship.

  • More Sales & Revenue

    With effective SEO practices, newer customers will be attracted to your website while old customers will retain and keep purchasing your products or services.Increased Brand Reputation

How we do SEO


Kick-Off Meeting

We understand your business, your goals, your requirements, obstacles you are facing and other existing plans.


Technical SEO Audit

We do a comprehensive audit of your website to check if there are any issues in crawling and indexing. Our first priority is to understand your website deeply and see strength and weaknesses of your website.


Content Audit

We analyze your website content to understand how effective it is for your business and how it could convert a shopper into paying customers. It is important to have a plagiarism free content and it must justify your audience needs.


Keyword Research

We will explore the best keywords that could bring more potential customers for your business. We figure out how your competitors are doing and we will plan/strategize on page optimization and create a path to reach your business goals with trending keywords.


Market and Competitor Research

We do a deep competitor research to see their performance and assess how your business industry working and what are the trending points to cover. We ensure to find what is happening in your industry and how we can capitalize on different opportunities.


Launch Meeting

After completing all the findings, we will have a face to face meeting with you to discuss all those pointers and then suggest our initial SEO strategy and implementation plan. In this meeting, we will prepare the best process to reach your SEO goals quickly and how we can sustain our natural search growth into the future.

Our Packages

Activities Silver package (per month) Gold package (per month) Platinum package (per month)
Minimum Duration 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Cost/month if Require if Require if Require
Keywords 5 10 15
Activities Silver package (per month) Gold package (per month) Platinum package (per month)
Keyword research & Analysis
Detailed website Analysis
Backlink Analysis
Competitor’s website Analysis
Website URL structure Analysis
Activities Silver package (per month) Gold package (per month) Platinum package (per month)
Meta tags optimization including title,Description andkeywords of landingpages
URL Canonicalization
Image Optimization
Sitemap creation(xml & html)
Robots.txt file creation and robots tag
Rich snippet implementation
Page speed optimization
H1-H6 tag optimization
OG Tag implementation
Internal linking structure
Responsive website optimization
Broken link optimization
301 page redirection
Content Creation
Google Analytics setup
Google webmaster setup
Activities Silver package (per month) Gold package (per month) Platinum package (per month)
Google My Business setup & verification
Google places- photo/multimedia adition
Listing in online yellow
Schema implementation No No Yes for contact Address
Robots.txt file creation and robots tag
NAP syndication & Citation Building
Updating pages &hcard integration
Classified submission
Activities Silver package (per month) Gold package (per month) Platinum package (per month)
Search engine submission
Local business listing
Blog/Article submission 2 4 6
Directory submission(Relevant sites only)
Press release Circulations 1 website
Video marketing 1 website
Classified writing & submission 5 10 15
NAP Syndication
Document/PPT creation & sharing
Infographic submission
Image sharing
Guest posting 1 website
Activities Silver package (per month) Gold package (per month) Platinum package (per month)
Site Analysis report
Keyword Analysis report
Pre & post Ranking report 2 4 6
Submission Report
Google Analytics Report
Monthly(Traffic + conversion)Report
Activities Silver package (per month) Gold package (per month) Platinum package (per month)
Email, call, chat
Activities Silver package (per month) Gold package (per month) Platinum package (per month)
Top 3 page ranking in(Google,yahoo,bing) Google Google/Yahoo Google/Yahoo /Bing
Organic Traffic - Increase
Bounce Rate - Decrease
Average Visit Duration - Increase
Pages Per Session - Increase


OK, so this one’s kind of complicated… just kidding. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You engage in SEO when you attempt to get a page to rank higher in a search engine’s SERPs (search engine results pages), with the ultimate goal being to increase organic (unpaid) traffic to that page.
Where to begin? Link building. Keyword research. Site audits. On-page SEO. Updating pages for relevancy. All are important. By the end of this article, if we did our job, you’ll understand all of them!
Think about it this way: the internet is made up of two things—content, and links between content. When search engines first started indexing web pages, they needed a way to determine which pages were most relevant to certain queries—a system of ranking. The quality and number of backlinks pointing to a page immediately became a factor in determining that page’s rank. Backlinks represent a vote of confidence from one site to another. The more quality backlinks your page earns, the more valuable it is in the eyes of the search engine, and the more likely it is to achieve a high ranking.
A website’s domain authority corresponds directly to its ability to rank in the search engine. Conceptually, you can think of domain authority as an extension of link equity. If a page’s link equity is determined by the number and quality of its links, then a site’s domain authority is determined by the link equity of all its pages.

Redirects are a natural part of linking between content on your site. That said, 301 redirects pass anywhere between 90-99% of link equity (read: ranking power) to the redirected page. So, if you’ve moved a piece of content between several different pages, and all those redirects are still in place, you might be sacrificing some load speed/link equity. It’s a good idea to eliminate those superfluous intermediaries.

Still, not all redirects are created equal. 301 redirects, in which a page is moved permanently, are the most SEO-friendly redirects. They pass between 90-99% of link equity. 302 redirects, which indicate a temporarily redirected page, pass less link equity (though some Google employees have disputed this). Meta refreshes are redirects that take place on the page level, rather than the server level. These are most commonly associated with the text, “If you are not redirected in five seconds, click here.” Meta refreshes pass some link equity, but are not a recommended SEO tactic.

Well, as is the answer for many SEOs: it depends.

Long gone are the days of launching a website, optimizing your title tags, and ranking in a few weeks. You can't launch a website and expect it to rank for competitive search queries overnight. It takes time for a website to perform organically as Google ranks relevant sites that have built up authority.

You need to earn your way to the top of Google and deserve to be there.

You've probably heard horror stories about duplicate content. Many SEO beginners are often confused and concerned about what this means. In simple terms, duplicate content is where content is duplicated either between two or more websites or two or more internal pages.

Here, content can mean written content, title tags, meta descriptions, or H1 tags. We found this to be one of the biggest SEO mistakes that marketers make in our recent study.

Link building is about quality rather than quantity. You should never set your sight solely on building as many links as possible. This will only leave you feeling disappointed with the results. When you focus on numbers alone, the quality of links will inevitably drop. And that's the wrong way to approach link building.

You need to emphasize earning quality links at scale, being sure to never sacrifice quality for quantity. Scalable tactics, such as digital PR, can help you earn links at scale from quality and authoritative sources.

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